First Judicial District Bar Association

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Serving Jefferson and Gilpin Counties

The First JD Bar Association is an organization of licensed attorneys with ties to Gilpin and Jefferson counties, located just west of Denver, Colorado. We have approximately eight hundred lawyers, including judges, members of the office of the District Attorney, members of the office of the Public Defender, and those otherwise serving in the public sector. However, the majority of our members are private, sole-practicing attorneys, or lawyers associated together in small to moderate-sized law firms.

Jefferson county includes a mix of suburban communities, foothills towns, and open spaces of every description and terrain. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a natural wonder nestled in a massive red-rock formation, which had been home to dinosaurs long before man became a part of "Jeffco" history.

Gilpin county rises high to the northwest of Jefferson county. Traveling up into this county, the population centers around Denver are left behind, and the natural beauty that drew early pioneers remains largely intact. The lure of gold, and evidence of its being mined, can be seen, and re-lived. Photographers, naturalists, opera buffs (the Central City Opera Company), and history buffs can't go wrong in Gilpin county.

Settling rugged terrain required rugged individualists. That pioneer spirit continues to run deep in our heritage. Other necessary attributes to take on "Rocky" mountains were cooperation, and a sense of community. These qualities also remain as a point of pride in our members, and in our court system. Enjoy your visit to our website. We offer our hospitality, and our members offer their service.

P.O. Box 1733
Wheat Ridge, CO  80034-1733     

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